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Authors: Ville Ylimannela

Category: research article

Keywords: risk management, agile, scrum, software development

Abstract: This paper researches risk management in agile software development. In traditional waterfall-model risks were usually managed by using project risk management frameworks. Nowadays agile methods have started replacing the traditional models. One of the reasons was old models inability to respond constantly changing business requirements. Agile development is based on short iteration cycles, which allow them to respond to changes in business environment. Using agile development is itself risk management at project level. Problems started arising, when people tried to merge the old school heavy project risk management models with agile models. One of the key principles in agile development is to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and documentation. The traditional risk management is heavily centered around documentation. Two companies were interviewed during the making of this paper. The goal was to address the issues which arose during the interviews. The suggested model is based on existing models and interviews.

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