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We invite both academic and practitioner-oriented contiributions. All articles submitted should relate to the journal’s mission and broad topic coverage: Advancing and communicating the scientific and industrial advancement in cloud computing technology, methodologies for developing cloud services, and in business of cloud computing. The articles should communicate their content to both scientific and industry audiences.

In accordance with academic and professional protocols, CCS only accepts original articles, which have not been published before, or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The author(s) must be the owner of the copyright and be entitled to sign the Publishing Agreement.

Review process in brief

0. Authors who have not previously submitted articles to CCS will have to first register themselves on the website.

1. New contributions are sent electronically to review using the New Submission form. Corresponding author provides metadata describing the contribution, an initial submission file in PDF or Word format and a publishing agreement.

2. Editors receive notification on new submission and perform an access-review on the submission. The editors evaluate the article whether they address a topic that fits with the topic coverage of CCS and has a level of quality that justifies further evaluation. Articles that pass the access-review are published on this website as discussion papers.

3. Discussion papers can be seen and commented publicly on by everyone registered for the site. Editors may moderate the discussions. Discussion papers shall also be appointed reviewers, which perform a single-blind review to provide insightful comments and critique about the relevance and rigor of the article.

4. One should improve the paper based on the reviewers' recommendations and comments from general public on the website. The corresponding author may add new revisions of the article on the page showing the details of the discussion paper.

5. Based on the reviewers' recommendations, the editors decide whether the articles are published in the issue of CCS. Issues of the journal are published on this website and appear first in current issue and later in the back issues.

Review process

Fig. Review process illustration

New submissions

All articles must be written in English. The preferred electronic document format is PDF, MS Word is also accepted. Use Word or LaTex template which are available for download (see left column). The templates contain further instructions on styles, abstract and references etc. The length of the discussion papers should be limited to eight (8) pages, including references. For Peer-reviewed articles, the page limit is ten (10) pages, including references. Articles should NOT be blinded for review.

To submit your contribution, register at The original manuscript should be submitted electronically using "New submission" form, available for registered users.

Publishing agreement

Authors are required to sign a Publishing Agreement, requiring that the article is original and that the author(s) holds copyright of the contribution and its parts. Author(s) grant a permission to print and publish the article or parts of it in any physical and electronic format for distribution to all interested parties. This permission is granted to University of Jyväskylä, hosting the online publication at

CCS is an open access journal. No compensation shall be paid to the author(s). No publishing fees are charged.

Publishing agreement shall enter into force after the corresponding author has filled in agreement (see left column) in electronic and submitted the article and the copyright agreement.


Questions regarding the submission and process may be sent to the editors at [email protected].

Questions regarding the website should be sent to [email protected].

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